Queens of Dreams is an exclusive members club. Upcoming events are presented in brief below. More detailed information can be found on the member pages under the heading "members". Login information to the member pages is given to approved members.

Queens of Dreams


Dinner for the Queens

- Serve & obey -

On january 25th, Queens of Dreams invites to "Dinner for the Queens - Serve & obey"  where the power exchange is total.

Slaves make sure to keep a high level of service, obey and serve the  Queens which of course treat the slaves as they please. For the evening, we furnish a long table in front of the stage. After the welcome toast, the dominas are served a tasteful dinner while slaves should be prepared to entertain on the stage.

single slaves arrives at 1630 to assist with the final preparations. Queens with owned slaves arrives at 1730.

The dominas are offered a welcome drink, three-course dinner and drinks. Slaves may be served remains, if there are any. Slaves will be eating from bowls at the floor .

The event is held in an atmospheric and well-equipped Dungeon somewhere in Östergötland, Sweden.  The dungeon encourages for much intimate play and socializing. There are several crosses, a stage, cages, a winch, lounge area, bar etc.

Dress code
This evening Dominas may wear something sexy and elegant mixed with varnish, latex & leather. Owned slaves wear collars with locks while single slaves wear collars without. Slaves will also carry any detail to indicate their role as waiting staff. Be creative and be sure to choose something that you think is appreciated by the Dominas!

Entrance fee
Full members pays 550 SEK.  The cost for trial member who participates in there initial event is 675 SEK.

The price includes transport to the dungeon from a collection point in a nearby town (collection point will be specified at the member pages) three-course dinner and beverage for Dominas.

The event is going to be intimate and it's therefore limited to  22 people.

Sign up and payment must be made no later than 17th of january and with respect to availability. Confirmation of participation will be received after payment. More information is available at our member pages. 

At Queens of Dreams event, the power exchange is total, women are superior to men. All members shall be in compliance with the applicable code of conduct. Code of conduct is available at queensofdreams.se under "membership"

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