Freaquently Asked questions about QoD

Questions and answers  are added continuously

Q Queens of Dreams has existed earlier in another form, has the name been taken over?

A: We are well aware that Queens of Dreams have existed before. When Queens of Dreams was no longer active, we contacted the founder/owner of the rights in the interest of a takeover and to pursue it in other forms. Subsequently, an agreement was reached on the takeover of rights of the name, domain, account on Darkside.se and the logo after a purchase in autumn 2018.

Q WHO/Who is behind QoD?

A: Of course, this anonymity is of different importance to different people, as well as confidentiality and discretion. We have respect for that, we believe. Discretion and confidentiality is something that is important to us within QoD both for ourselves and for our members. As a member, you can of course know who we are within QoD.

Q: Why do you have exclusive membership?

A: With Queens of Dreams, we create what we ourselves lacked. We hope and believe that more people feel as we are at the same time as we naturally understand that the arrangement does not suit everyone. There are a number of organizers of public events which of course are great, several of our members visit them themselves. At the same time, we lack a Femdom club with exclusive membership where we are to a greater extent a company that is seen, socialize and get to know each other at events of more "private" character.

Q: Why do men have a higher fee than women

A: there is a big difference in demand in such a club between submissive men and Dominans. It is therefore not unusual to distinguish between men's and women's pricing.  Equality is a good thing, but in the Queens of Dreams equality is not something we aspire to.

Q: It is the disclosure information you ask for in the application. Is it necessary and can I trust your privacy?

A: Yes, you can trust our privacy. We are keen on our own secrecy in the same way as yours. If we do not grant the application to QoD, the application will be deleted. All members have accepted in writing our membership terms, including Our privacy policy is described. 

The application is never forwarded or saved down anywhere outside of our mail handling. Regarding mail management, QoD uses "ProtonMail" which focuses on safer mail handling, for example with End-End encryption, read more at https://protonmail.com/security-details.

Regarding the information we ask for in the application, Queens of Dreams is a member club and in addition to good distribution between couples, Dominas and singles, we want to be able to have some selectivity around the members that we bring in as members. In order to make an assessment of applications, we need the information we request.

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